Starters by Lissa Price (Starters #1)


 When every unvaccinated person between twenty and sixty dies in the Spore Wars, Callie Woodland and her brother Tyler are forced to run. By squatting on other people’s property, Callie, Tyler and their friend Michael struggle to survive until they can work as adults. But Callie’s desperation nearly costs her life when she goes to Prime Destinations – a body bank in Beverly Hills where teenagers allow seniors called Enders to rent their bodies. In order to earn money that can buy Tyler a better life, Callie signs on as a donor. But two rentals later, her neurochip malfunctions and she wakes up as Callie Winterhill. Stuck in the life of her renter, Callie quickly adjusts to this new and more luxurious lifestyle – living in a mansion, driving expensive sports cars and even going to teen clubs. Just when Callie is beginning to the embrace the life she must live until her rental contract expires in a few weeks, she finds out about Prime Destinations evil intentions and her renter’s equally shocking plans.


Callie is a tough resourceful character that quickly adapts to escape sticky situations. Throughout the book she is forced to make tough choices and quick decisions while not always knowing who to trust or rely on. In some ways she’s just another average teen trying to survive in the dystopian world the author has created. But her circumstances ensure that she is the one who ends up fighting the Body Bank.

Although the story has it’s share of romance, Callie and Blake’s relationship only add to the story because  their relationship take on greater significance when Callie discovers the truth about Blake, the grandson of a senator. That final plot twist revealing his true identity is almost disappointing because the entire time I was rooting for their relationship! But it’s a clever tactic that makes the story much more exciting.

In addition, the cliffhanger ending in which the Old Man manages to speak to her, will have readers quick to latch onto the second book in the series: Enders.

This dystopian novel is a well-written fast-paced read that I definitely recommend for sci-fi fans.



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