Night School by C. J. Daugherty (Night School #1)


[Publisher’s Review]

Allie Sheridan’s world is falling apart. Her brother’s run away from home. Her parents ignore her. And she’s just been arrested.


This time her parents have had enough. They cut her off from her friends and send her away to boarding school, far from her London friends.

But at Cimmeria Academy, Allie is soon caught up in the strange activities of a secret group of elite students.

When she’s attacked late one night the incident sets off a chain of increasingly violent events. As the school begins to seem like a very dangerous place, she finds out that nothing at Cimmeria is what it seems to be.

And that she is not who she thought she was.

[My Review with spoilers]

Although I was pretty sure this book would be just another silly preppy boarding school book, it was a pleasant surprise to find out just how wrong I was. The beginning felt a bit cliche because the author dropped me in the middle of a scene where Allie is vandalising school property but as soon as she arrived at Cimmeria Academy – things really started moving forward.

Immediately you can tell that this boarding school isn’t normal. Teacher’s are called by their first names and detention involves hard labour. Then there’s the air of secrecy surrounding the “Night School.”

No one is who they seem to be ensuring that often, character’s actions are unpredictable but also shed light on them as individuals. For example, Gabe is portrayed as the loving boyfriend until you discover that he is: working for the enemy and murdered a friend.

The love triangle featured involves Sylvain, a charming but spoiled French kid with connections and a swoon worthy accent. He’s the popular guy with every girl including the bully wanting to go out with him. Then there’s Carter – a sullen but hot guy who thinks everyone at Cimmeria are snobs and has a reputation for being a player. Yet even as I was falling head over heels in love with Sylvain and dismissing Carter, I realized that the so-called player might actually be the good guy. Especially since he’s always there for Allie – helping her through her panic attacks and guiding her safely through the woods. In the end, he’s also the only one willing to tell her the truth and stand by her side.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book filled with enigmatic characters and a solid dose of mystery. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fiction novel.



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2 thoughts on “Night School by C. J. Daugherty (Night School #1)

  1. Gabi Ono says:

    Nooo…Not another triangle!!!
    But anyway.
    I’m looking foward to reading this book! Is in my top priority.
    Good review 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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