Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus Book Tag

Hey! This book tag was created by The Writing Hufflepuff and here is the link to the blog post:

Since I’m a huge fan of Rick Riordan’s writing, I thought I might do this book tag 🙂 Here goes nothing…

Your fatal flaw when it comes to books

Sometimes I skim-read super-exciting scenes because I want to see how they end 😛

The Hestia on your bookshelves (A book you feel is underappreciated)

I’m honestly not sure..

Oh no! Hades is wearing his Boo Cap! (A book that scared you)

Some of the books in the Harry Potter series freaked me out enough that I refused to read them after dark. And I had a couple of nightmares involving Voldemort too 😛 But it was worth it because I really enjoyed reading them.

To the Zeus Cave! Your favourite spot to read

My reading desk. It’s not necessarily comfy but its quiet inside my room and I can really lose myself in whatever I’m reading.

A book you’d fall into Tartarus for to get your hands on

Anything written by Cassandra Clare sounds good to me!.. I loved reading the Mortal Instruments series.

Rick Riordan is the myth  sass master

The sassiest book you’ve read? I’m not quite sure…

Now some love for the series themselves

Who can absolutely not die?

Not to dodge this question or anything but I think that if someone dies for a good reason in a book.. I mean, I’m not cold-hearted or anything but I think it makes more sense than a happily ever after. I mean books are supposed to be realistic to some measure even if its fantasy… unless it’s a utopia I guess… But fine, since you insist, I think none of the seven (e.g. Nico, Grover, etc.) should die.

One event that HAS to happen?

Not sure.

Favourite minor character? I love many of the minor characters like Grover or Thalia but like The Writing Hufflepuff pointed out, a lot of main characters became minor characters.

Favourite book in the entire series?

I don’t have one, I think they’re all equally good.

Favourite and least favourite God? (be careful, you don’t want to be hit by lightning, or get turned into a dolphin or…)

I like Aphrodite even though she wasn’t at all like I expected her to be. Poseidon seems cool too. I don’t have a least favorite god… 😛

Your Godly parent? Probably Athena..

How important are the books to you and why? Their sort-of important to me… For a while, I was obsessed with reading anything by Rick Riordan and when I found out about this series, I just had to get my hands on these books.

A message to Uncle Rick? Thanks for writing these books! You’re a great writer!

Tag at least five other demigods I tag any demigod reading this 😉 If you accept, then include a link to your blog post in the comments below 😛 Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus Book Tag

  1. infinityreads says:

    Defs gonna do this tag tomorrow 🙂 I had fun reading your answers!


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