#BookBlogWriMo: Your Review Process


This is an version of NaNoWriMo for book bloggers. There’s a prompt for each day discussing various aspects of blogging. #BookBlogWriMo is hosted by Book Bumblings.

Today’s Prompt: Your Review Process – Do you write your review the second you finish the book? Months later? Take notes as you read?

I like to write my book review immediately after I finish the book. But due to time constraints, I don’t always get to do this. I do not take notes as I read because I feel that taking notes doesn’t make it feel like I’m reading for pleasure. The “review process” can get a bit stressful for me when books to review start piling up.

In terms of drafting the book review, I like to proofread it a couple of times – let it sit – then before publishing it, I do some final editing and revising. I am in some ways a perfectionist and I have a rather loud inner critic so it takes  me a while to edit/revise. Even after all that I’m never truly satisfied but I just put hit publish anyway because I want people to read what I’ve dedicated time to.

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2 thoughts on “#BookBlogWriMo: Your Review Process

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    Hey, just letting you know I nominated you for the liebster award here:


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