#BookBlogWriMo: Favorite Book Tropes


This is an version of NaNoWriMo for book bloggers. There’s a prompt for each day discussing various aspects of blogging. #BookBlogWriMo is hosted by Book Bumblings.

Today’s Prompt: Friends with benefits? Manic pixie dream girl? What cliche-type things do you never get sick of?

There’s a lot of book tropes that I love reading. Although some of them can become cliche at times, I think it really just depends on whether an author can pull it of in a style in which I enjoy reading it.

Book Tropes I LOVE:

1) Love triangles! There is usually a love triangle or maybe even two in YA books and I love them because they really spice up the story (for me).

2) The “self-discovery” element. This is usually relatable for most people because as we grow we discover new things about ourselves (usually not that we’re a descendant of an angel of-course!).

3) Alien species, robots, or fancy gadgets in Sci-Fi are (for me) fun and interesting to read about.

Book Tropes I Strongly Dislike:

1) Perfect characters. Let’s face it – nobody’s perfect, and if you are, then you’re probably not human! So inserting flawless characters into a story just turns me off….

2) The “male lead” is a total jerk but he’s also shockingly good-looking and all the girls love him anyway…. Let’s just say that while I would be drooling over the good looks, I’d still be turned off by a total asshole so it doesn’t make sense for the main character to ignore that and just throw themselves at the “male lead.”

3) Magical objects in fantasy fiction….I used to love this book trope but now I don’t like it unless it seems different/unique to me.

And the book trope that is pretty controversial but also something I don’t love or hate is: “Instalove.” I’m not a huge fan of this because it doesn’t seem realistic but I know there are books where characters are in relationships similar to insta-love.

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