#BookBlogWriMo: How You Deal with Book Hangovers


This is an version of NaNoWriMo for book bloggers. There’s a prompt for each day discussing various aspects of blogging. #BookBlogWriMo is hosted by Book Bumblings.

Today’s Prompt: How You Deal with Book Hangovers – Pig out? Take a nap? How do you deal?

Whenever I experience these, I deal with them by:

1) Watching TV-Shows! I’ve usually got multiple tv-shows that I need to catch up on so this is the perfect opportunity to do so…


2) Playing games on my iPhone.. I’m always scouting the Apple Store for great (free) games and this is the time to start using those apps.


3) Do my homework/study/play the piano. Admittedly this is the least attractive option but if I immerse myself in things I need to do then I eventually get bored and read a book to escape that boredom.


To address the other options available in the prompt…..I don’t pig out or nap.. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “#BookBlogWriMo: How You Deal with Book Hangovers

  1. It take me so long to get over a book hangover. To get over a book, I have to get under another one! xD

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