Wrapup Post

So this is just a recap of what I’ve been doing on my blog so far and a request for some feedback! 🙂

100+ Followers 

This and my Read + Reviewed posts are the reason behind this blog post! If you’ve ever comment/followed/liked or just read my blog posts – thank you so much! I spend an insane amount of time on this blog (all of you bloggers out there probably do too) and I feel incredibly happy when I think of people reading something I’ve written! If you’ve followed my blog and you’re looking for something to read or do, check out my book reviews or participate in a book tag 🙂

Read + Reviewed

I’ve recently started a series of blog posts featuring 2 or 3 books I’ve read alongwith a mini-book review. The reviews in Read+Reviewed are a condensed version of my long/rambling thoughts on the book.

Book Tags

I’ve participated in quite a few book tags by now and they’ve been a lot of fun. I just want to thank people for tagging me and engaging me in discussions about books by commenting on my blog.

Memes (Or The Lack of) 

When I first discovered the concept of memes, I joined right in with my Quotabulous Friday, Top Ten Tuesday and Harry Potter MOTW posts.. Unfortunately the excitement and along with my free time petered out so I had to stop. Right now, I just want to apologize for my unguaranteed and sporadic participation in memes.

ARC Reviews

Thanks to netgalley I’ve been receiving a steady stream of ARCs which I try to promptly review. But also thanks to netgalley, I have quite a few books I need to review…which I will not be getting to for a while! All the same, I hope you’ve been enjoying my ARC reviews (although some of those books have been published up to 6 or even 8 months ago…).

I hope you guys enjoyed this wrap up post on my blogging so far. If you want to tag me, share ideas for future posts, or just tell me how amazing I am – go ahead and comment below! 🙂 

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